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Pregnancy exercise and Positive Birth classes for Bright Mums
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Hey there Bright Mum,


Pregnancy, birth and those early days of parenthood can be some of the most amazing times and the most challenging times (often at the same time!).

Bright Mums helps you find the joy in pregnancy, birth and beyond – even at those times when joy seems to have got up and walked away!

If you have made your way here looking for Born into Calm – you are in the right place! I’ve made a few changes – welcome to Bright Mums!

What makes a Bright Mum?

You know you are a Bright Mum if;

  • You want to approach your birth with knowledge and confidence
  • You want to feel strong and capable in your body as your journey through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood
  • You want to make the best decisions for yourself and your baby

Let me guess – you are a Bright Mum? Awesome – let’s go!


Pregnancy Exercise Classes- Forrestfield

Exercise to help you feel strong, confident and healthy through your pregnancy.

With a focus on the pelvic floor, functional strength and movement, and childbirth preparation, Bright Mums pregnancy exercise classes are designed for all stages of pregnancy and all levels of fitness. Come and join in the Bright Mums fun today!

Hypnobirthing Australia Classes - Lesmurdie

Prepare for a positive, joyful birth regardless of circumstances.

For Mums and birth partners – learn all the tools and techniques you need to release the fears around birth and have a truly positive, joyful birth experience. Group and private classes available. 


Hypnobubs Online plus one on one

Prepare for a positive birth – from your couch!

Wanting to prepare for a positive, joyful birth but unable to attend face-to-face classes? Hypnobubs Online course plus 90-minute private session gives you the flexibility you need plus the confidence and preparation you deserve.

Positive Caesarean Course

Prepare for a gentle, positive caesarean birth

In a world first Positive Caesarean Classes will help you as you make the best decisions for you and your baby and prepare for a positive, gentle caesarean birth.

I'm looking forward to a much calmer, more in control birth this time around.

My husband and I completed The Positive Caesarean Birth course today with Kate and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. My husband was a bit of a sceptic as we had an ok Caesarean experience first time around so he didn’t really see the point but even he was converted.

The tools and techniques that we learnt well be invaluable leading up to and during the birth, and I feel like I have a much better idea of what I want my birth to look like and what I can and can’t ask for from my medical team.

I’m looking forward to a much calmer, more in control birth this time around.


I look back on my baby’s birth as an incredibly positive experience

I look back on my baby’s birth as an incredibly positive experience shared with my partner and supported by amazing caregivers. Thanks to Kate’s incredible knowledge, passion and guidance throughout my pregnancy I didn’t fear labour, rather felt excited to meet our beautiful baby boy.

Beth and baby L

It was the greatest experience of my life!

Josh and I can’t thank Kate enough for her expertise, calm chats and understanding during the course. It truly played the biggest part in turning around pregnancy and preparing us both for birth. It was the greatest experience of my life! 


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